Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Way behind on this blog...

...But we're way ahead at the Gallery! June 2013-6 years and 2 months Tornado Gallery has been on the Lubbock radar and we aren't going anywhere.

 70 First Friday Art Trails, 45 Downtown Art Markets, 5 JesseFests, countless concerts, outstanding shows by artists of all genres and ages. This is a record to be proud of- and we are. The gallery is a little slice of special in downtown Lubbock, served up with great conversation by wonderful, dedicated folks, who truly enjoy what we do. I've told folks that first Friday is my favorite's true of everyone here at Tornado, the fine folks at Sandstorm Glassworks, it's a chance to get lost in colors, forms, themes, and such, while connecting with friends on the walk. A chance to show off downtown Lubbock, in it's true style-from the street.

Speaking of downtown Lubbock, we love it. It seems to be in the news for the wrong reasons, but we love it. It's one of those cases where the "crisis" is the news and the everyday are ignored. There are galleries, museums, restaurants, shops, salons, barbers, art markets and farmers markets in downtown Lubbock. Street shows, urban disc golf, runs and other activities, events that bring life to downtown They're down here, all the time, in the daytime. Entertainment doesn't have to start at dark. People want to remember downtown as a destination, I prefer to think of it as an experience, a new experience-downtown, isn't about RE-creating -the downtown I see is about CREATING a new experience. Downtowns should reflect a contemporary experience, folks just have to remember that contemporary evolves at the speed of "now". You don't go back and look, you look forward and aspire.

Thanks for listening y'all...see you at the Gallery
Larry Simmons

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