Thursday, August 8, 2013


Tornado Gallery keeps on chugging. As the description says..."interactive space", that's what we love, interactivity with our friends. All our friends and if you're reading this you are one of them. Thank You.

We're constantly amazed by the folks who come down. First Friday, art and farmers markets, concerts everything that we do-y'all support. That is interactivity at its finest. To be able to meet and talk to you is a genuine pleasure, to get your feedback on work that we show, to talk about your work or simply to talk about the weather it's human interaction.

That's what art does, creates an experience, a reaction based on the viewing of a work that is common to all. We're all seeing the same work. How we feel about it is our individual response, the individual response to a shared experience. Regardless of the emotion it triggers, it elicits a response from everyone who views it. Some are silent, kept to themselves, some are vocal, creating a conversation on the work, positive and negative, passionate and indifferent, they vary according to the person. Art interacts with you personally. Next time you're in, interact with the artist speak to them of what their work means to you. They will appreciate the time you spent.