Thursday, May 17, 2012


Tornado Gallery has been here five years-five years of First Fridays, concerts in the garden, Art Parts Parties and who can remember what else. Five years of the best folks in the city, all hanging out in our gallery, in downtown Lubbock. That is so cool.
So now what... what do we do, to keep on keepin' on? We stay open, regularly, daily- at the gallery - showing the coolest locally, lovingly, produced art and craft work in Lubbock. We have it all and we will keep adding to our inventory. From the edgy plasma/neon work of Tony Greer, glass from Sandstorm Glassworks - Lee Ware and Bren Merritt, to traditional styles like Melissa Lee's incredible gourd work-Tornado Gallery will be the best destination for your artistic cravings. We strive to carry the finest in local Artists.
In addition Tornado Gallery will continue to host live performances of talented musicians that hail from the area. 2012 will be the fourth annual JesseFest, honoring blazing guitar player Jesse Taylor, Brian McRae returns in June and Anthony Garcia and friends in July. Even closer is the Great Scott;s BBQ Reunion Concert on June 2nd. celebrating Scotty and all the fine musicians who played there. Audible, foot-stompin', roof-raisin' Art.
This is your notice folks, that we are not going to rest, we have to move forward and we need your support. Come down and say hello to Heidi, she's the one who'll be in the in the gallery everyday, shop... maybe buy something. We'll show you locally done t-shirts, local CDs, and posters, and who doesn't want to buy local these days. Be our friend, tell folks about us, share this on your page-most of all let everyone know that Lubbock has just as much cool stuff to offer as any city in Texas and we do it friendlier...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

April 2012-5th Anniversary of Tornado Gallery.

That is a bold statement - 5th birthday if you will for this group of people and this concept. Five years of losing money and we haven't shut the doors. I call that a success. We, Tony, Jennifer, and myself-Larry-never deluded ourselves int thinking we'd make any money-Tornado Gallery has never been about making money-(breaking even would be nice, but thats another post) its always been about doing the right thing for the right people. We just did our 56th First Friday Art Trail, 56 shows and I've lost track of how many artists thats a record to be proud of-and we are. In these almost 5 years, we created the Downtown Art Market, welcomed Sandstorm Glassworks-Lee Ware and Bren Merritt to the art community, been fortunate enough to help the Lubbock Arts Festival-Thank You Elizabeth, and done countless other things that we are very proud of, 3 JesseFests, numerous other concerts and Art Parts Parties Thanks Lubbock for supporting us.
Coming to Tornado in April is a special event-that is the purpose of this post-our 5th anniversary will be a homecoming of sorts. Tony Greer and Lee Ware will be bringing their "Electric Glass" show home to Tornado. This show is currently at LHUCA, but in April it comes here- where it will continue to grow and prosper. Those who don't know-Tony's Father and Grandfather built these buildings in the 40s and now it houses Tony's neon shop-Special Effects Neon. That is truly a homecoming to celebrate.
This show, "Electric Glass" is unique, not just in Lubbock but anywhere. There are hundreds of glassblowers, probably hundreds of neon shops, but there aren't a dozen of both, together, under one roof. The results of this collaboration are spectacular, glowing, moving, luminescent glass sculptures that come to life. Folks you just don;t see this every day-not here in Lubbock- not many places in the country.
So consider this, be proud of the Art community in Lubbock, support them any way you can, talk about it, visit it, buy something if you can but whatever you do don't let these opportunities get away. Art is as fleeting as life sometimes, take advantage of it now.